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Smfk Black Balloon Skate Shoes

Original price was: $330.00.Current price is: $230.00.

Smfk Compass Black Lychee Skate Shoes

Original price was: $349.00.Current price is: $245.00.

Smfk Compass Dark Chocolate Tooth Skate Shoes

Original price was: $355.00.Current price is: $249.00.

Smfk Compass Gingerbread Desert Sneakers

Original price was: $355.00.Current price is: $249.00.

Smfk Compass Wave Retro Jogging Shoes Black

Original price was: $549.00.Current price is: $385.00.

Smfk Compass Wave Retro Jogging Shoes White

Original price was: $549.00.Current price is: $385.00.

Smfk Compass Wheat Bread Shape Skater Shoes

Original price was: $355.00.Current price is: $249.00.

Smfk Compass White Lychee Skate Shoes

Original price was: $349.00.Current price is: $245.00.


Smfk Black Night Compass Campus Wide Hoodie

Original price was: $355.00.Current price is: $250.00.

Smfk Chaos Garden Wide Body Hoodie

Original price was: $355.00.Current price is: $250.00.

Smfk Compass Classic Cross Graffiti Black Hoodie

Original price was: $345.00.Current price is: $240.00.

Smfk Compass Classic Cross Graffiti Latte Hoodie

Original price was: $345.00.Current price is: $240.00.

Smfk Compass Classic Cross Hoodie Nude

Original price was: $355.00.Current price is: $250.00.

Smfk Compass Classic Hoodie Black

Original price was: $365.00.Current price is: $255.00.

Smfk Compass Classic Hoodie White

Original price was: $365.00.Current price is: $255.00.


Smfk Ancient Myth Black Panther Pilot Jacket

Original price was: $570.00.Current price is: $399.00.

Smfk Ancient Myth Tarpan Sunset Short Jacket

Original price was: $485.00.Current price is: $340.00.

Smfk Compass Classic Floral Denim Jacket

Original price was: $599.00.Current price is: $420.00.

Smfk Compass Cross DNA Ski Snow Jacket

Original price was: $599.00.Current price is: $420.00.

Smfk Compass Rove Training Jacket Black Velvet

Original price was: $345.00.Current price is: $240.00.

Smfk Compass Rove Training Jacket Desert Velvet

Original price was: $345.00.Current price is: $240.00.

Smfk Garden Polar Down Jacket

Original price was: $599.00.Current price is: $420.00.

Smfk Reflective Garden Polar Down Jacket

Original price was: $599.00.Current price is: $420.00.

SMFK Clothing Brand

Sam Ren and Frank Liu founded smfk  in 2016 as a trendy streetwear brand. Providing inclusive and fashionable clothing options for all, this brand focuses on unisex and free size designs. Traditional Chinese culture and contemporary elements are combined in brand’s style. A bold, vibrant color scheme and unconventional silhouettes are used to create the graphics. As well as creating pieces that look good, SMFK strives to create pieces that show its values.

This brand always offer the top quality clothing for every type of body. With such a universal fit, everyone is sure to find something they like. Fashion-forward components and ethical and sustainable procedures are central to smfk s designs. Using environmentally friendly products and manufacturing techniques lessens the brand’s influence on the environment.Social issues are also addressed, as well as charitable contributions.

SMFK Clothing Brand

Who is SMFK?

A Chinese streetwear brand that has gained popularity in recent years is brand . Frank Liu and Sam Ren founded it in 2016. In addition to its unisex and free size products, it caters to a wide range of customers. Everyone can own affordable, stylish, and accessible pieces thanks to its goal. The brand’s Instagram account provides a glimpse into its newest collections and collaborations. With edgy streetwear staples and chic and elegant pieces, smfk showcases urban and casual styles.

High quality and attention to detail are guaranteed with our products manufactured in China. The brand’s commitment to local production allows Chinese designers to be showcased in global fashion markets. The trendy designs, affordable prices, and commitment to inclusivity of smfk clothing put the company in a strong position in the streetwear industry. With a commitment to innovation and customer service, fashion enthusiasts around the globe will trust the brand.

Why is SMFK So Popular in China?

Popularity of SMFK in China comes from several factors. Chinese consumers’ diverse and discerning tastes are a key contributor to the brand’s success. Infusing Western fashion trends with a touch of local style, it has successfully captured the nuances of Chinese culture. Material quality and attention to detail have earned the brand a reputation for excellence. In terms of fashion, Chinese consumers who are discerning are drawn to the brand’s use of only the finest materials. 

In the Chinese fashion market, it stands out for its attention to detail. Fashion trends are always changing at this brand. Innovative designs are often incorporated into products incorporating the latest trends and elements. Fashionable clothing always appeals to Chinese consumers. Fashion-conscious individuals in China trust SMFK for cutting-edge fashion.

SMFK clothing
SMFK Brand

What is the SMFK Brand?

Fashion that transcends boundaries defines the brand at its core.The attire chosen by the individual expresses their personality and sense of style. SMFK is a design-forward company that makes sweatshirts, hoodies, jeans, slippers, caps, and shoes. Innovative fashion is the hallmark of smfk. With a timeless sense of elegance, it embraces emerging trends.

Incorporating multiple cultures, art, and natural elements has resulted in an authentic fusion of styles. Sustainable and ethical sourcing are also major characteristics of smfk clothing. Whenever possible, the brand chooses eco-friendly materials and prioritizes fair labor practices. Brands with eco-friendly fashion tend to enhance their reputation and align with consumer trends.

SMFK Releases Latest Collection

Today’s fast-paced world always keeps SMFK on top of the latest trends. In its newest collection, smfk combines traditional traditions with cutting-edge innovations to express its commitment to modernism and creativity. The collection includes the following stand-out pieces:

SMFK Shoes

Style and comfort are the hallmarks of footwear. SMFK is the perfect combination of fashion and functionality with a variety of trendy designs. With us, you can choose from casual sneakers to elegant formal shoes. The use of high-quality materials is a key characteristic of smfk shoes. Consequently, each pair is both visually pleasing and durable. The pampers your feet from head to toe with its authentic leather and soft fabrics. The trendy designs offered by this also contribute to their popularity. In keeping up with fashion trends, it keeps designing classic silhouettes and trendy patterns. Our smfk sneakers is the best option for every type of style. Discover the difference with footwear now.

SMFK Slippers

Comfort and style combine to make slippers. No matter what your routine is, you will feel pampered wearing these slippers. It is ideal to relax in smfk slippers because of their trendy designs and comfortable soles. These products are strong and durable because they are made from high-quality materials. Walking in luxury is easy with a soft, cushioned sole. Running errands or walking around your house will be easier. Every taste and personality can be satisfied with slippers. We have slippers in neutrals, bold colors, and vibrant patterns. The slippers blend comfort and style for both casual and formal occasions.


A hat is not just an accessory; it’s a style statement. With hats, you can finish off any outfit with functionality and fashion. No matter what kind of hat you are looking for, it has something for everyone. Aside from looking good, smfk hats are durable. Assures that its hats can endure the test of time with durability and longevity. It is carefully crafted to provide protection from both the elements and look good. The wide range of styles at the brand ensures there is something for everyone. Baseball caps and trendy fedoras are among the styles available. Whatever your journey may be, it has a hat to meet your needs.

SMFK Jeans

Versatility and style are characteristic of denim. Ideally suited for casual and formal settings, smfk jeans are a testament to this. A wide range of styles and fits are available from jeans. A pair of handcrafted and meticulously designed jeans. From the durable denim to the meticulous stitching, jeans from the brand showcase the brand’s expertise. The wide range of styles available with jeans makes them unique. Whether you prefer a slim-fit style or sleek straight-leg jeans, it has one for you. Darker washes offer a more refined look, while distressed denim takes your style to the next level.

SMFK Hoodie

In today’s fashion world, SMFDK’s collection showcases how hoodies have evolved. Fashion has transformed the hoodie from a casual wear item to an item of clothing. With meticulous attention to detail, smfk clothing offers a variety of hoodies. Choose between oversized, cozy looks or slimmer, tailored looks with us . Stylish hoodies in a range of colors are available from the brand. Ensure comfort and durability with smfk hoodie. You’ll stay comfortable all day with the soft fabrics. Ensured that the brand’s hoodie collection is suitable across the year, it takes into account seasonal variations.

SMFK Sweatshirt

You may mix comfort with flair when you shop for sweatshirts. These sweatshirts are comfortable and fashionable, precisely tailored to every little detail. The clothing line offers a variety of sweatshirt alternatives. 

There are fashionable designs as well as timeless solids to suit all tastes. No matter what your style is, you’ll find a sweatshirt to fit. This sweater maintains quality without sacrificing comfort or design. Whether running errands or just relaxing at home, wear these sweaters. Sports and leisure enthusiasts will appreciate the smfk sweatshirts. It can be dressed up or layered. It can be worn alone or paired with a jacket for a relaxed look.

SMFK T-Shirt

Shop for t-shirts to combine comfort and style. Designed precisely to every detail, these sweatshirts are comfortable and stylish. Various sweatshirt options are available from the SMFK line.

 With timeless solids and trendy designs, there’s something for everyone. No matter what your style is, you’ll find a sweatshirt to fit you. Silky and comfortable fabrics characterize the smfk t-shirt series. Comfort and design are not sacrificed in this sweater. Wear these sweaters errand running or relaxing around the house.  A shirt can be worn for both leisure and sports. Whether worn alone or layered, it looks great. Whether you wear it alone or in combination, it will give you a carefree and relaxed look.


1.Which Size is the Perfect Fit?

It’s important to find the right size so you can look stylish and comfortable. A size guide is provided on smfk’s website to help customers select the right size. Sizing questions can also be addressed by customer service.

2. What is the SMFK Return Policy?

We understand when your purchase isn’t as you expected. There is a hassle-free return policy at the brand. Return process details, including eligibility criteria and steps for initiating a return, can be found on the official website.

3.Who is the Founder of SMFK Brand?

A visionary group created smfk with a goal of going beyond clothing. Despite its relatively unknown founders’ names, the brand is focused on fashion, modernity, and self-expression.

4.How Long Does SMFK Take to Ship?

We make sure delivery is timely for our customers. Shipment times will vary depending on the customer’s location. Tracking information is provided to customers so they can get real-time shipping updates.